What is Prudentia?


Prudentia is derived from a Latin word meaning foresight, wisdom, discretion, sagacity, knowledge in general terms and practical judgment or reasoning. Indeed, practical judgment is considered to be one of the greatest virtues.  

The following are the integral parts of prudentia (prudence in modern English) which we consider to be our core values for our legal practice:

Memoria — Accurate memory; that is, memory that is true to reality

Intelligentia — Understanding of first principles

Docilitas — The kind of open-mindedness that recognises the true variety of things and situations to be experienced and does not cage itself in any presumption of deceptive knowledge; the ability to make use of the experience and authority of others to make prudent decisions

Shrewdness or quick-wittedness (solertia) — sizing up a situation on one's own quickly

Discursive reasoning (ratio) — research and compare alternative possibilities

Foresight (providentia) — capacity to estimate whether a particular action will lead to the realization of our goal

Circumspection — ability to take all relevant circumstances into account

Caution — risk mitigation

In short, ‘prudentia’ represents the core values of our practice and we firmly stand by such values. We welcome all talented legal minds who share the same values, goals and vision to join us.